VP’s Remarks At The APC Progressive Governors’ Forum In Kaduna State

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Nigeria is not a place where there’s a shortage of ideas or a shortage of intelligence or even plans. The issue really is getting things done. And I think that one of the critical problems that we have is just that capacity to ensure that we are able to see things through, start and finish.


For me, one of the great frustrations of governance is the fact that yes, there are so many great ideas, yes there are so many great thoughts, but there just is that difficulty of completing things and concluding things and I hope that somehow, we would be able to speak to that and address it.


The challenges that the States of Nigeria face today as the Governor of Kaduna State just said, are not challenges that are self-inflicted. A lot of them are historical, they are legacy challenges, but then we are required to come to the table with fresh ideas and innovations to solve some of these problems.


Many of them are not problems we can resolve within a few months or even years, but we are called upon at this time in history to make a difference and I believe that the times call for creativity, the times call for innovations, but more importantly, the time calls for depending on each other; looking to each other for solutions. We cannot operate in silos, we must be able to look to each other for solutions.


And I think the solutions lie everywhere. What is going on in several of our States, maybe just a narrow convert which could make a difference in some other State if we pay attention to it.


But I believe very strongly, that we have what it takes to make a whole difference.


As I said in Kano a few minutes ago, not so long ago, we have the capability in this country to make a great nation. I do not believe that there is any country especially on the African continent that has the resources, men and materials as we have.


But a lot would depend on us. And when I say us, I am referring to public servants whether we are elected or appointed. We are the ones that can make a difference in this country.


If we as public servants see ourselves as being responsible for transforming our society, if we see ourselves as being the hope of our country (of this country), then perhaps a change Is really possible. But without us, without us frankly taking responsibility, very little can happen.


And I hope we would be able to make that change. We have the next few years to transform this country and I am sure that seated here are the people who would make that difference.


Thank you very much.