Sir Joel Olowookere Fagbemi: An Exemplary Life, An Inspiring Legacy!

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Sir Joel Olowookere Fagbemi

An exemplary life, an inspiring legacy.

Happy 100th birthday to a truly remarkable man!

Our Dear Papa,

Dolapo and I join our brothers and sisters, friends, and family worldwide to wish you a happy 100th birthday. Few ever celebrate a century on earth, so we thank God and give Him glory for His grace and mercy that have enabled you to live the divine promise: “With long life will I satisfy you.”

For those of us who have known you for at least half of that time, we celebrate the high values of love of God, hard work, integrity, and service to humanity that you imbued first in your children and theirs, and then through them to generations of friends and associates. Your exemplary life of service, contentment, and discipline has become the stuff of legend and will continue to inspire many.

We pray that as your days, so shall your strength, wisdom, and favour with God be in Jesus’ name.

Happy Birthday, Sir.

Yemi Osinbajo