Virtual Inauguration Of The School-Based Management Board Of Adawiyya Girls Academy, Sokoto On 02/02/2023

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Video Transcript



I am indeed delighted to be with you this afternoon at the inauguration of the School-Based Management Board of Adawiyya Girls Academy Sokoto. This is a journey that started with the vision of one simple, ordinary woman, Rabiatu Adawiyya, who despite her own lack of formal education, understood a reality that even the best minds are only just realizing, that when you educate a girl, you educate a whole society.
She was even more passionate about the education of girls from less-privileged families. Rabiatu Adawiya is today a reality and has started a movement that will bring about the education of millions of girls from poor families all over Nigeria.

The people of the Minannata community understand the importance of education. You understand that ignorance has no benefit, ignorance is darkness but education is the bright light of knowledge that can help us to live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives. Education is the ladder by which even the poorest can climb to the top in society, but the ladder of education is a special ladder, it is not only the educated person who climbs their family members and others around them can learn from them and also begin to climb the ladder to the top.

But education is dangerous without morals and uprightness. We must teach our children the highest standards of honesty, piety, and hard work. I am glad that the students of Adawiyya Girls Academy Sokoto have this great opportunity of being offered both conventional and religious education using the most advanced modern teaching tools available in our times. A lot of thinking has gone into designing the curriculum for the school and we have ensured that we have the best teachers anywhere in the country. Technology and technology tools for teaching and learning are a fundamental part of our pedagogy.

The school’s technology facilities are state of the art and the school in keeping with best practices has an intentionally optimized teacher-to-student ratio. I wish to commend the leadership of the Minannata community, especially the Maigirma Ardo, Alhaji Aminu Garba Riskuwa, for his selfless service to the people. I was informed that you, Maigirma Ardo, led the team, comprising all your chiefs in the selection of deserving girls for enrolment. This is a testament to the concern you have for your people.


The parents and guardians of the girls have also been outstandingly cooperative, in some cases their enthusiasm and commitment to the education of their children has gone perhaps even beyond the call of duty, for example, Malama Zali Bala, the mother of Hafsat Bala, who when teased about having only female children will point to examples of great women from within the community and express pride and hope that, with education, Hafsat will one day join that same league of great amazons;


Malam Muhammad Danchadi, the 68-year-old father of Hauwau Muhammad Danchadi, who takes pride in every day walking Hauwau to and from the school; and Aisha Bashir Shehu, guardian of Fadila Bashir Shehu, an orphan, from the first day of school, when cautioned against late-coming by pupils, has always ensured that Fadila, even though she is the farthest in terms of distance, was always, if not the first, the second person in school.


I also wish to particularly thank the Governor of Sokoto State, my brother His Excellency, Rt. Honourable Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the Mutawalle of Sokoto, for the consistent support he has given to the school, especially in enrolling the teachers of the school into the State Civil Service.


To the members of the Board:
i. Prof. L. S. Bilbis, Vice Chancellor UDUS (Chairman);
ii. Balkisu Saidu (Representative of the Family & Vice-Chairman);
iii. Dr. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki (Representative of Sokoto State Government);
iv. Alhaji Aminu Garba Riskuwa, Maigirma Ardon Minannata (Representative of Traditional Rulers);
v. Abdullahi Muhammad Babangida (Representative of Community);
vi. Mrs. Rahimat AbdulMalik (Head Teacher & Representative of Parents/Teachers Association); and
vii. Mr. Enajiyerin Anthony Enajite (Representative of Text Foundation & Secretary of the Board).


I thank you immensely for accepting to serve. This is indeed an enormous responsibility. You are the bridge between the school and the community. Your efforts are expected to lead to improved educational outcomes for pupils/students and professionalism in the management of the school.


You are in particular required to:
a. Monitor and supervise the school management;
b. Ensure the development of a good relationship between the community and the school;
c. Engage in sensitisation and awareness-creation on the importance of education;
d. Encourage parents to send their children/wards to the school and support them to complete their education;
e. Monitor pupils/students’ performance and teachers’ behaviour and commitment to work; reporting observed lapses to the school authority/Foundation;
f. Ensure proper utilisation and security of materials provided for the school;
g. Participate in school development planning, regulation, and policy guidance; and
h. Ensure respect for cultural and social values within the school environment.


It is now my pleasure to inaugurate the School-Based Management Board of Adawiyya Girls Academy Sokoto.


Thank you and God bless you all.