Tribute To The Late Herbert Wigwe, CFR

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Herbert and I spent the afternoon together in my home on Thursday, February 1st. He shared the Wigwe University Vision, collaborations with Ivy League universities, immediate research objectives, the scholarship scheme for bright students unable to pay fees, and how the infrastructure around the University—especially the roads and power plant—would benefit the entire community. He also discussed various initiatives for giving young people across the country opportunities to excel, particularly in sustainability and climate action ideas.

In Herbert’s typical style—thoughtful, progressive, compassionate—he quietly did great things. He was a profoundly deep individual who understood that service to man is service to God. As is the way of mortals, he leaves much undone, but the seed that keeps the forests growing has been planted. All his legacies will grow, and his dreams will become reality.

As we mourn the heart-wrenching passing of Herbert, Chizoba, and Chizi Wigwe, we pray for the inexplicable comfort that only God can give to the Wigwe and Nwuba families, and to their friends and loved ones everywhere.