VP’s Remarks At The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of Housing Estates In Kaduna

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The APC promised Change, that is why we were voted into office. We were voted into office because we said this country deserves to be better governed and that we are able to provide that kind of leadership, and one of the reasons why the people voted for us is because they believe in that Change we promised and I think that my being here today, being a witness to what has been going on in Kaduna State, we’ve just left the commissioning of the 2000 units housing estate and we are here trying to begin another major project, the mall and the galleria.


I think it is evidence of the fact that change has truly come to Kaduna State. I want to emphasize that when we talk about change, what we are really saying is that it is possible for government to meet the need of the people. But government is not just about going around the place in motorcades and looking important, that government is about serving the people, and the APC government is committed to serving the people. One of the reasons why I am so excited to be here and so proud of the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El’rufai, is because he represents what we have been preaching, he represents that change we have been talking about and I think it is very clear to people in this Kaduna State is that Kaduna will truly be great again.


Just looking at what is about to happen here, we are going to have here a mall, facilities for a cinema, a place where children can come and play, a place that will provide entertainment for children, adults and shopping facilities.


Most importantly, it means jobs, there will be several jobs, and several people will be employed. That is so important, because it is one of the goals we have set, that we are going to promote jobs and ensure that people are employed and engaged.


I’m sure you heard the President when during the budget speech, he mentioned that one of the quick interventions that we’re going to do is the 500,000 jobs, teaching jobs which we will be for graduates who want to teach are paid to teach. So, of the first two million jobs we’ll be creating, we’ll be creating 500,000 teaching jobs. We’re also going to giving out money to ensure that those who want to continue to do business, business market women, artisans, traders are given loans to be able to do their businesses effectively.


And in that respect, we’re going to be giving out almost 500,000 loans as well to people, to artisans, to traders who want to do business. In addition to that, we’re looking at how to ensure that we incentivize businesses in various means. Small scale businesses that people who will want to do business in small scale, people who start business in technology and business in various ways. We are looking to how to ensure that we are able to provide funding for them through the Bank of Industry.


I’m sure many of us already know that as these schemes are beginning, we are hoping that in the next twelve months, we are able to give facilities of this kind to various people who need them.


Nigeria can be great if we manage our resources well, Nigeria can be great if we stop corruption. And I’m sure many of you have already seen that this government is serious about ending corruption, we’re serious about stopping those who believe that the resources of the nation can be plundered at will and then they give us all sorts of excuses.


The President has said repeatedly that not only will we find Nigeria’s money that had been stolen, but we will also look for it wherever it is and whoever has been guilty of defrauding and stealing this country’s resources, will be brought to book. Because we believe very strongly that this nation has the resources to be well managed to ensure that all of us are able to live reasonably decent lives and that is exactly what we are set to do.


I’d like to really commend the Governor of the State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai not only for setting himself a very ambitious vision, but also for ensuring that he delivers on every of the promise he had made and the party, APC, has made. Whatever it is that Mallam Nasir El Rufai says he will do, I know he’d do it.


In fact, generally speaking, when you are invited to a commissioning or when you are invited to a groundbreaking or a foundation-laying event, you’re very careful because you don’t know whether it would be done. But one of the reasons why I consented personally to being here and to supporting all of the groundbreaking and foundation laying ceremonies, is because I know that he’s a man of his words. I know that he will do all the things he said he’d do


And I’m looking forward to coming back here in the next 12-18 months to see that this has been done; the housing project has been done and that this particular project has taken off.


I want to thank you all of the members of the House of Assembly for the great support that they’ve given the Governor. I think you have done well indeed.


Because at the end of the day this government is an APC government, we cannot afford to delay whatever great project it is that the Executive have.


I’m so excited about the kind of relationship that there is between the House of Assembly and the Executive. I think that is what we should encourage all over the country. We hope that this will continue and in the very short time, we will see the fruits and results of it all over the place.


I want to commend you also members of the National Assembly who has supported this, especially the distinguish senator and we all owe our country this opportunity to do well, we all owe our country.


As I end, I bring the special greetings of the President, Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari to you personally Mallam El Rufai and to the good people of Kaduna State. He regards this State as his home State and he lives here. So definitely everything that goes on here is of very special interest to him.


I want to thank you very much and pray that God Almighty will help this State and this State would be great again and all of us will benefit from the greatness in a very short time.


Thank you very much.